Cone Coil Incense Burner Ash Catcher with Lid

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Ceramic Incense Holder, Craftwork Cool Aromatherapy Incense with Incense Coils (20 pcs)

 【GOOD LOOKING】The burner is made of high-quality clay into the shape of Suan'ni, one of the dragon sons in Chinese Dragon Myth. He is a lion-shaped creature and he likes fire & smoke; therefore you can find his image at the incense burners in temples

【CRAFT】Nicely handcraft the creature and use traditional enamel craft to greatly show the creature vividly. The beautiful and colorful patterns make the burner a high-end one. The color won't fade

【SIZE & WEIGHT】The burner is not a huge one, but exquisite and nicely crafted. It is 4.3x4.3x4 in / 11x11x10 cm (LxWxH); the size fits most of the incense coils; It is about 8 ounces 

【MULTI-PURPOSES】The burner fits coils and cons, or with sticks and keep the lid open. Burning incense helps to purify the air, practice yoga and meditation, calm and revitalize, reduce stress and improve sleep quality. It can be widely used in the living room, bedroom, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel, library to create a relaxed peaceful atmosphere

【PACKAGE】a burner with lid, an inner incense holder, a box of incense coil (20 pcs)

Insight into the design: 
The burner creature, whose name Suan'ni (狻猊) , actually comes from the Chinese dragon myth, which describes the 9 sons of the dragon. The symbol of each son appears as specific ornamental objects according to their nature, including bridges, temples, monuments, incense burners, and swords, forming a unique part of Chinese dragon culture. The proverb that "A dragon has nine sons, none of them resemble each other" is popular among the people. 
Suan'ni, the 8th son, is a lion-shaped creature. He is not an active creature but seen sitting still instead. He likes fire and smoke; therefore you can find his image at the incense burners in temples. 
That's why the image of Suan'ni is popular and connect to incense burner. 

The burner is easy to clean, just use wet tissue. Once you received the burner, it will look the same after several months use. The color won't fade. 

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