Natural Handmade Wooden Comb

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Handcrafted Hair Beauty Comb Chinese Traditional Pattern for Women Men Kids

Style: traditional Chinese dragon and phoenix painting

Craft: 100% handmade

Suitable for: daily use. Gift for self, family members, and friends

Material: natural Phoebe zhennan wood

Tips: wash in water or wet cloth to clean the comb and dry naturally. For a long time using, avoid using under hairdryers or other heaters
Package includes: 1 set of 2 combs with gift package

Why Changzhou Comb
- Chinese best combs are from Changzhou,  Jiangsu Province. The comb is a well-known traditional handicraft in China for over more than 1,500 years. Concerning the history, Changzhou comb has become popular and beyond an ordinary comb since it started the journey of serving ancient royalty from Qing Dynasty (1616-1911). It is welcomed by royalty for its natural material, handicraft, and beautiful paintings. Even before that dynasty, the comb has been proclaimed by physicians as an antidote for hair loss and headaches. 
- The comb are known for their firm texture, fine craftsmanship, and great varieties. Natural wood, bamboo, or animal bones are used as the material. There are more than 28 procedures for making one comb and more than 50 procedures for making one fine-toothed comb. 
- Today, Changzhou comb has become one of the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritages.

How many choices: 
There are two kinds of Changzhou comb: 
- Standard comb with ordinary teeth width for daily use
- The fine-toothed comb, with thinner teeth and smaller teeth width, is made for hair cleaning and head skin massage.

Facts for Dragon & Phoenix set: 
- Size:  15.5x4x0.8 cm / 6.1x1.57x0.3 inches 
- Crafting: handmade <br>
- Style: a set of Dragon and Phenix painting 
- Material: natural Phoebe zhennan wood 
- Weight: 25 gram / 0.88 ounces each comb 
Package includes: 1 set of 2 combs with gift package 
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