Stick Incense Burner Dragon Shape

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Ceramic Incense Holder for Tea Drinking Yoga and Meditation Therapy, Craftwork Aromatherapy Incense with 1 box of Incense (40 pcs)

【ELEGANT DESIGN】The burner is made into the shape of a Chinese dragon, which is a good sign and creature retains prestige and. Its design is simple but elegant. Made of high-quality red clay, the final color is mix of red and brown as showed in picture

【CRAFT】Nicely handcraft the creature and greatly show the creature vividly. The beautiful outline makes the burner a high-end one. The color won't fade. The burner fits most kinds of sticks, the burner is wide enough to catch ash

【MULTI-PURPOSES】Burning incense helps to purify the air, practice yoga and meditation, calm and revitalize, reduce stress and improve sleep quality. It can be widely used in the living room, bedroom, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel, library to create a relaxed peaceful atmosphere

【A NICE ORNAMENT】Full of Asian element indoor decoration for your house or office

【PACKAGE】1 x dragon burner; 1 box of stick incense (40 pcs)

Insight into the design: 
The burner is based on the design of a dragon, in Chinese dragon myth, retains supreme prestige and is conceived as a beneficent creature. A dragon represents yang, the principle of heaven, the maleness part in Chinese cosmology yinyang culture. Chinese dragons are regarded as powers of the air, without wings and as the forces of nature in Daoism. 

The burner is easy to clean, just use wet tissue to clean ash. Once you received the burner, it will look the same after several months use. The color won't fade. 

Material: ceramic. Made of high-quality red clay
Color: mix of red and brown
Size:  12.4x1.3x3.7 in / 31.5x3.3x9.5 cm (LxWxH)
Weight: about 21 oz / 600 g

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